E Maison Project Details

A classic plot, A love dialogue
Leveraging on the natural terrain of hills and valleys in the Braddell location, The Maisons are inspired by a baronial architectural style, the masonry conveying enduring strength and resilience. The terraced levels, lavish amenities and contemporary interiors provide a balance of modernity and timeless tradition. The scented woods, pleasure gardens and verdant avenues act as the perfect counterpoint to the classic elegance of stone, creating a landscape that is contiguous with a bygone era of romance and eminence.

A love nest for newlyweds, a home for your first child, or a space for a larger family to enjoy, The Maisons are designed to accommodate all your needs. Choose from cozy one-bedroom apartments, deluxe lofts for cosmopolitan style, or exclusive penthouses with a kitchenette on the upper floor for perfect privacy and convenience. The Group’s main directive for The Maisons are livable, family-centric layouts that complement the various life stages of the homeowner.

City Fringe Living
The Maisons are perfectly situated to straddle home, work and the pleasures of leisure and entertainment. Nestled in the heart of the island, your proximity to tranquil nature is equal only to the excitement of city living that is mere minutes away. Embrace the opportunity to have it all within reach.

Exquisite charms, unfold
He rises with the dawn, the gentle rays suffusing the landscape with their light and warmth. The master of his domain, he is at the pinnacle of his success, reflected by the tasteful quality of his home. A masculine symmetry, a balance of craft and composition.

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